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Slice It!

Fast Fun with a Geometric Flair! "Slice It!" is all about slicing shapes into fragments that are equal in size.

Support OS: Android | iPhone | iPad

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Slice It! 1.8.2

Requirements:2.1 and up

Slice It! 1.8.3

Requirements:iOS 3.0 or higher


Free for Android OS
$0.99 for iOS

Slice it evenly, if you DARE !!

Slice it ! is a puzzle game, where you slice different figures into the same ratio (or surface area).
If you dare, challenge your self, but watch out as the stages get harder and more complicating.
Feel the itchiness. Taste the perfectness anytime, maybe during transit, and anywhere, maybe inside the toilet.

Anyone can easily slice it !


- 100 Different stages ! + α
Each stage contains a variety of figures, and as you progess by, you will be able to face different kinds of obstacles.
Also, more stages will keep on being added, through an update, to keep the game more interesting.

- Game Center
Achievement & ranking

- If it is hard, use a hint !
Refer to a hint, if you have no idea how to complete a stage.
Since each hint gets available whenever you clear a stage pefectly, you will be able to use them for difficult stages.

- Supporting a variety of devices
Not only iPod Touch or iPhone 3GS, Slice It ! also supports latest devices, such as iPad and iPhone 4!

- Multiple languages
English, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

What's New in Version 1.2.0 for iOS
Slice It! Episode2 has been released in Version 1.2.0
10 more NEW stages have been added from 71 to 80 in Chapter 4
Chapter5 is coming soon!
- Added Achivements in Game Center!
- Supports 4 more languages - German, Spanish, French, Italian
- You can skip the stage which you feel diffucult to solve it.
And also we added more hint in each stage to make you feel easier to get over!

What's in this version:
1. What's newly updated
2. Bug Fixes



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